How To Change Photo in Aadhar Card?

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Aadhar is the most important document that any Indian can have. It’s the one-stop solution for approving all your documents if you an Indian citizen. For anything to everything, you need an Aadhar card to survive in India. If you want to buy a new SIM card you’ll need Aadhar card, for registering gas subsidy, pensions etc.

You already must be knowing how bad your photo is on the card right now. It would be really great if you can change that photo with any of your good looking existing photos. Well, know you can do it online without stepping out of your home.

In this article, I’ll show you how you can change your photo on aadhar card easily. So stick around with me till the end if you want to learn it. Shall we begin now?

How To Change Aadhar Card Photo?

You need to go to any of the nearest aadhar office and file an application to change your existing photo. Make sure the photo which you are updating is simple and professional and not of some DJ party. If that is the case, they’ll reject the application.

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It will take some time to update the application and there is no set time but it will update that is for sure. Here are 2 methods that you can follow to change your aadhar card photo to a new one.

Method 1:

You need to send a written application to the UIDAI regional office and include that you want to change the photo in your existing aadhar card. Do not forget to attach the photocopy which you want to see in your updated Aadhar card and also attach the copy of your aadhar card.

Mail it to the regional UIDAI office. The address can be found anywhere on the internet.

Method 2:

The second method is a little time consuming where you’ll have to go to the nearest UIDAI office in your city and submit your photocopy their which you want to see on your aadhar card.

This process can take up to 15-45 days to complete and also the UIDAI office might charge you a small fee of 15/- to further carry this process. You’ll have to again pass through the biometric process.

Method 3:

The last method and the easiest one is to use a Self-service update (SSUP) to change the photo with an online application. Go to the official portal of the UIDAI and submit a request to update your details.

You’ll then be asked some basic personal information like name, and mobile number. As you will provide your mobile number you’ll then be sent an OTP password. Enter that password in the box and click on “Verify OTP.

Finally, you’ll have to upload all the supporting POI/POA documents mentioned here. Once you upload all the required documents your application will then be under review for the next 15-20 days before you get the final approval.

Note: You need to have your mobile number registered to use this online service.


I hope you now know how to change your aadhar card photo without any hassle. If you learned anything new from this article or this article has helped you in any way please do share it with all your friends and family members as aadhar card are the most important part of an Indian citizen.

Thank you so much for reaching this article. Cheers

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