How to Get Aadhar Card Password? [Step By Step]

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Downloading Aadhaar card from the internet is very easy and you can download it in less than 5 minutes. But, many of you don’t know what is the aadhar card password to enter after downloading.

This is exactly what I’ll show you in this article and I have an interesting method which will help you to remember your e-Aadhaar card password forever. So let’s begin without wasting any time.

What is Aadhar Card Password?

Aadhaar card password is a security password which will be asked to you anytime you try to access the e-Aadhaar card. This is a security measure so that everyone cannot access your password and only you can use it.

Aadhar card password is an 8 character password and is super easy to remember forever. Let’s take an example and understand it better.

Example: Let’s suppose your name is Ritu Prakash and you were born in the year 1994. In this case, your the aadhar card password will be RITU1994.

Aadhar card password is generated with first 4 letters of your name (in capital) and 4 characters of the year in which you are born in. Let’s take one more example to understand it clearly.

Example: Let’s say your name is Narendra Joshi and you were born in 1992. In this case, the password will be NARE1992.

How To Download The Aadhar Card?

Here are the simple steps that you can follow to download the aadhar card.

Step 1: Visit the official website

Step 2: On the left side of the screen you’ll see the 4th option which says “Download Aadhar”

Step 3: Click on it and you’ll be taken to another page where you’ll be asked to enter your email ID, enrollment number (EID), Name, & Date of birth.

Step 4: Once you enter the details and click on submit you can now download your e-Aadhar card.

Benefits of E-Aadhar Card

There are several benefits to having an E-Adhaar card.

  • If for any reason if your original aadhar card is stolen you can anytime log in to your account and download the E-Aadhaar card within 5 minutes.
  • You can download the latest version of your aadhar card if there happen to be any changes in the system. Moreover, if you want the old other Aadhar card details you’ll have to go to the nearest aadhar office and get it from there. But, with the E-Aadhar card, you can get any version online.
  • Your E-Aadhar card is password protected so no one other than you can access it easily. Good in terms of security.

What If Your Aadhar Card Password Is Not Working?

In most of the cases, people make silly mistakes while entering the password. Most of you who are facing the problem might have used small letters instead of capital letters. Or maybe you have used a space while typing the password.

Note: Aadhar card password is case sensitive and you’ll be shown an error if you don’t follow the rule.

If you are Aadhar is not ready yet, you’ll be shown a message that is still under moderation. Other than that, follow this simple rule and you’ll be good to go.


I hope you learned something new today by reading this guide on how to download aadhar card password. If you really found it helpful, please share this article with all who are looking for a solution. We can help each other and grow together making a better India.

Thanks for reading.

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